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Multichannel Monitoring Tutorial Booklet
Surround-Monitoring Functions' Quick Reference
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Multichannel Monitoring Tutorial Booklet

by Masataka Nakahara, SONA Corporation
©2005 SONA Corporation & Yamaha Corporation

The Reference Booklet for Multichannel Monitoring Environment

'Multichannel Monitoring Tutorial Booklet,' issued by SONA Corp. and Yamaha Corp., is the reference book in which the information about multichannel monitoring environment, e.g., formats of various multichannel media, know-how of a loudspeakers' placement, adjustment of the monitoring responses etc., is summarized.
The booklet includes the broad information about the following media;

  • Movie
  • DVD-Video
  • DVD-Audio
  • Super Audio CD
  • Digital Broadcasting
  • Game etc.

In order to introduce the precise information, the technical contents about the formats in the booklet have been checked by the following companies / organizations. We would like to thank them.

  • Dolby Japan
  • dts Japan
  • DVD Forum
  • NHK
  • Sony
  • THX
  • Yamaha

The booklet can give the background knowledge about the adjustment of multichannel monitoring environment using Yamaha digital consoles, DM2000V2, DM100V2 and O2R96V2, that are implemented THX™ pm3™ approved multichannel-monitoring controllers. And also, the booklet can be made use as a reference booklet for various multichannel productions.
Accurate monitoring environment is one of the essential things for the sound production.
We hope that the booklet will be of assistance for your multichanel productions.

[Main contents]:
- Characteristics of the Various Media's Formats
Surround processing, Encoding/Compression, Recording/Playback response, Down-mixing
- Monitoring environment
Loudspeaker placement, Monitoring distance, Time alignment, THX™ pm3™
- Bass Management
- Monitor System
- Measurement and Adjustment of Monitoring Environment


Surround-Monitoring Functions' Quick Reference

'Surround-Monitoring Functions' Quick Reference' is the guidebook for practical use of the THX™ pm3&trade'; approved multichannel monitoring functions for Yamaha's Digital Consoles; DM2000V2, DM1000V2 and O2R96V2.
The Quick Reference includes the detailed information of monitoring functions which could not be described in the operation manuals; e.g., the function of each parameter, the process of adjustments etc.
The background knowledge from the 'Multichannel Monitoring Tutorial Booklet' and the guidance of the 'Surround-Monitoring Functions' Quick Reference' lead the uses of DM2000V2, DM1000V2 and O2R96V2 to their proper monitoring environment quickly and easily.