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About Us

We have the three sections of technology, design, and construction. By these sections work as a trinity, we provide the best space to everyone.
Starting with the preliminary investigation and measurement that assumes every situation, and taking advantage of the data obtained from there, we will develop the planning and design.
In order to achieve an environment for high-quality sound, our specialists who have clear understanding of the series of flow also serve from construction up till the acoustic adjustment and measurement after construction completion.
We can do consistent coordination from receiving an order until construction completion and also searching for new development. This is Sona’s mission and pride.

Sona History

  • 1975Founded
  • 1978Established as Sonic Kogyo Corporation
  • 1979Changed in corprate name to Sona Kogyo Corporation
  • 1987Increased captal to 4,000,000 Japanese yen
  • 1991Increased capital to 10,000,000 Japanese yen and changed corporate name to Sona Corporaton
  • 1995Built own buliding in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 2000Moved to the current location and concluded distributor agreement for professional products with M&K (until 2010)
  • 2001Concluded the representative contract with the THX section of Lucasfilm corp. (currently THX Ltd.) in the business of pm3
  • 2005Increased captal to 20,000,000 Japanese yen
  • 2010Concluded distributor agreeement for professional products with Procella Audio

About Us

Founded in January, 1975
Established in March, 1978
Capital Amount 20,000,000 Japanese yen
Company Address 2-19-9, Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0013, Japan
TEL:03-5350-2621 FAX:03-5350-2670
Audition Room Address 2-19-9, Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0013, Japan
Warehouse Address 2218-2, Nakanomaki, Higashidaira, Higashi-Matsukayama-shi, 3550-0000, Saitama
Participating Group Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ)、Japan Association of Professional Recording Studios (JAPRS)
Japan Post Production Associateion (JPPA)、Japan Audio Society
Japan Acoustic Consultant Association、Audio Engineering Society (AES)
Qualification Construction License (the Governor of Tokyo Special-27 Registration No.57073)
First-class Architect Office (the Governor of Tokyo, Registration No.1281)
Measurement Certification Business (Sound Pressure Level Registration No.1280)
(Vibrational Acceleration Level Registration No.1281)
Our Banks Resona Bank, Limited., Shibuya Branch、The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Nakano-Ekimae Branch
The Tokyo Tomin Bank, Limited, Shibuya Branch
Affiliation Companies THX Ltd. / URL:  in Japanese URL:
Inaba Construction Co., Ltd. / URL:
Procella Audio / URL:

Public Transportation

take a Marunouchi-Line sabuway from Shinjyuku station

Shinjyku station
(toward Ogikubo, Nakano-Fujimicho or Honancho stations)

Nishi-Shinjyku station
(toward Ogikubo, Nakano-Fujimicho or Honancho stations)

(toward Nakano-Fujimicho or Honancho stations)

get off at Nakano-Shinbashi station

Sona office is about 3-minut walk from Nakano-Shinbashi station