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Our Service

Architectural Acoustics (Design, Construction)

Our core business is tha our three departments of design, constuction, and supervision with high technology and rich experience perfectly togther built a high-performance acoustic space.
We will support wide range of various customers from personal use to a studio for a large-scale business. We will respond to all spatial development related to sound, such as research and development laboratory and noise measures.
You can expect help of clarifying design conception, implement design, construcion, adjustment, and also after-sale service from us.

Architectural Acoustics Consulting

We provide a great deal of skills and knowledge that have been accumulated by a wide range of high-performance acoustic space makings through consultancy.
We stand between a studio and THX in a THX pm3 project as a THX pm3 Professional Representative and provide advice on acoustic design as well as assistance for various required procedures.

Acoustic Measurement

Accurate measurement is essential for high-performance acoustic space making. We will meet the needs of measurement by our cultivated high acoustic and vibration measurement technology.
It is unable to obtain a required measurement result by just using the instrument. Our staff with plenty of acoustic knowledge figures out your purpose of measurement. In order to meet your purpose, they will plan and implement a precise measurement defying the boundaries of standard measurement methods.

Measurement Certification Business (Noise, Vibration)
・Sound Pressure Level Registration No.1280  ・Vibrational Acceleration Level Registration No.1281

Monitor System Design

The acoustic space making means “sound creation” by architecture. We believe that the most important thing is ultimate sound we can hear besides construction. Design and measurement & adjustment of monitor system are integrated with architecture acoustic design & construction and play a significant role in crating sounds.
Sound hearing at a well-adjusted studio is excellent. Our staff with advanced measurement techniques familiar with the interior acoustic field provides accurate measurement, adjustment, design, and support required for your monitor system.

Other Products

Custom-Made Furniture

Many of the professional audio equipment have a unique specification of the interface and/or mounting method. In order to accommodate the equipment smartly, you will most likely desire to install dedicated custom-made furniture.
In particular, the furniture like a speaker stand and broadcaster table requires acoustically-advanced consideration. The acoustic furniture that we design and produce is custom-made; the specification of our acoustic furniture is considered for all function, design, and sound.

Sona's Original Products

We produce various items related to architectural acoustics. Architectural acoustics is the culmination of variety of techniques such as sound insulation, absorption, reflection, and diffusion. Therefore, we provide diverse products of sound insulation up to acoustic adjustment. This is because we believe that design structure including construction consideration is necessary for architectural acoustics design. Of course, it is possible to sell these products individually. One feature of our service is that you can order custom-sized products.